Essay about Jim Morrison; From Boy To Legend

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Jim Morrison; From Boy to Legend

"hope is just a word

     when you think in

          Table Cloths

Laughter will not end

     her funny feeling

     or assuage our

          strange desire

Children will be born"
               Jim Morrison

     Jim Morrison is often thought of as a drunk musician.
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The negative

effects of his upbringing helped to mold Morrison into the person he would later become. Jim Morrison's

strange sense of humor and sickness were just fractions of his very intellectual mind. Jim and his family

moved to Alemeda, California. This is where he would start first year and a half of his high school journey.

     Morrison's creativeness and infatuation with Mad Magazines led to the horrification of many.

When he would arrive late to class, he would tell elaborate stories to the teachers about being kidnapped by

gypsies. Jim's subtle and bizarre personality was now starting to form. His wild imagination began to

produce hundreds of sexually explicit ideas in the form of pictures and make believe radio commercials. The

deranged pictures that Jim created, were ones with quite an abnormality. For instance, the picture Jerry

Hopkins describes, a man with a Coca-Cola bottle for a penis, a mean looking can opener for testicles, one

hand held out and dripping with slime, more of that slim dripping from his anus. All of Jim and Fud's

focuses again were sexual, but they were imbued with sophistication and subtle humor unusual for someone

only fourteen. No doubt, Jim's sexually demented mind was now partially formed. The once young and

innocent Jim Morrison was now older and more harmful. Late in his sophomore year, Jim moved to

Alexandria, Virginia. Here he
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