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Jim Poss Case Study 1. Who is Jim Poss a. Jim Poss demonstrates a strong passion for project even after so many people shot down the idea. His passion translates into determination to getting the idea out to potential customers/investors. Taking risks like going into solar power when the trend was heading toward wind and selling his product even though he didn’t have a finished product to sell. And he craves learning, working 3 jobs, double major and a minor plus an MBA before working his new venture gave him the knowledge and confidence to try for it. b. When comparing myself to Jim Poss, it doesn’t even come close to similar. His amazingly driven and a very creative individual; I am nowhere near the same level as he…show more content…
Startup costs are high for manufacturing the product, gathering the right employees and getting the IP secured. 3. Customer Value f. How would you price BigBelly? I would price it in a way that is cheap enough to be an attractive investment for the buyer but also give Seahorse enough profit to keep going. You need the profit to be enough to sustained growth and potential for expansion. g. How would you use terms, programs to counter anticipated customer challenges to purchase? Tell the customers the benefits of having such a device including how it will cut down the amount of times the trash collector has to come to your business or how using this device will help reduce the amount of pollution emitted by said trucks potentially saving millions of gallons of gas each year. You can place the product anywhere you want and is easy to use. 4. Tech Development h. Product and Financing are milestone based, why is that important? It’s important to create milestones for the product because it gives the team unified objectives to work towards. It’s also important to combine it with financial milestones because say once you reach x amount you can start building the first prototype or you reach y amount and now you can start manufacturing 10 compactors. These milestones are objective

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