Jim vs. Apartheid Essay

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Jim vs. Apartheid Differences amongst people has been in existence for a very long time. The time of segregation of black people in America is proof of this differences. During this time black people have been regarded as second class civilans. The laws that were created during this time had the purpose of restricting black people from achieve anything in life and these laws were called Jim Crow Laws. Those laws were mainly used in the southern and border states of the United States. But segregation did not only happen in the US, it has occurred in countries all over the world, places like South Africa. In South Africa, there was a system of legislation, called apartheid. This system, like the Jim Crow Laws, made racial…show more content…
For the school board in South Africa, if the black school is affiliated with a religion they close the school. Other differences is that black children in the US can stay in school until they reach the fourth grade, as for the South African black students, they go to school from the age of seven to the age of thirteen. The right to vote in both countries were lost to the black people. The policies had many restriction the only affected black people to the degree their right to vote was taken away. There are no differences regarding on how their voting rights were taken. In both the Jim Crow Laws and the apartheid it was not clearly specified that black people are not allowed vote but it is directed mainly to them, for example, in the apartheid the law states the non-whites are disallowed to vote. But the difference in all this is that the black people in America end up receiving the right to vote unlike the black people of South Africa, although there were loopholes that let a certain amount of black people in America to vote. In the end both the Jim Crow Laws and the apartheid had the same effect on black people in both of their origin countries with the access to education, the right to vote, and the effect on black people. Though there might be differences, they are minima at best. The education is terrible for both countries,
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