Jimmie Lee Jackson And The Civil Rights Movement

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the protesters at this demonstration, “police were attacking men, women and children without discrimination.” (7) After this event, the civil rights movement occurred to help black people gain power and to minimise segregation in our culture and society. A large march was created led by Martin Luther King Jr and many other black political leaders of this era. (7) During this march civil right activists were attacked by police in a terrible way and killed for trying to share their opinions. (7) These protesters were protesting the death of an innocent black man killed by the police, Jimmie Lee Jackson. (7) Policemen attacked these protesters with guns and federal defense provided to them by the government along with tear gas bombs. (7) Not only was this march a stand up for Jimmie Lee Jackson but for black citizens voting rights. (8) This march raised awareness to the government and many white citizens that our country was still segregated at the time even though slavery was…show more content…
This demonstration was known as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. (7) This demonstration took place in 1966. (7) African-American people wanted to make a stand from police violence and they wanted stricter laws for their own benefits. (7) This demonstration has impacted our world greatly today and has made it easier for African-American people to share their thoughts and beliefs without being harmed. (7) This movement was completely associated with the civil rights act, however it started as this movement but then when policeman joined the trouble everything went downhill. (10) Policeman caused racial issues to arise and this lead to terrible police brutality examples. (10) Thus, policeman were hitting and hurting this innocent African-American people because of what they were standing up for and because of their skin tone and the stereotypes that American citizens had made for them.
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