Jimmy : A Boy Named Jimmy

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy lived with his mom in a small house that was located in the south of Montana. Jimmy was not that tall of a kid and was fifteen years old and went to a high school located about five blocks away from his house. Jimmy 's mom was a part time nurse that work at a hospital about a thirty minute drive away. His mom did not get home until 10-12:00 at night. This meant that Jimmy was in charge of the house while his mom was gone. One night it was Tuesday October 20th just a week before Halloween. The year was 2005 and was a great year and was going to be a great Halloween. Jimmy had ask his friends during school if they were coming over to his house after school. They usually did until his mom…show more content…
The house was designed so the front door would let you walk into the family room where the TV with a window above it and couch were located. The family room then went into the kitchen where the backdoor was located and a flight of stairs were to the right of it with no railings on one side. As Jimmy walk through the house he went up the stair where three rooms were located his moms bedroom to the right and his to the left with another door to the right that led into a small office room. The bathroom was located in between the bedrooms and the washing machines were located in his moms bedroom closet. They had one bathroom that they both had to share and a small backyard that regularly had dead grass and a few old toys that he played with as a kid. He walked over to his room and went to the bed where he put his back pack and then changed into some different clothes. He graded his homework and went and sat down at his desk and turned on his small laptop that he use pretty much everything for. The window right in front of his desk cast a bright afternoon light that put a glare on his computer screen. If seemed like it was going to be a long and dreadful night. Jimmy had no idea. At about 9:00pm Jimmy had finished his homework and was watching some TV. His favorite show was on that was about a homicide hunter or a homicide detective that solved the hardest murder cases and had barely ever been unable to solve one. Everything was good and the show progressed until
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