Jimmy Baca 's Life And Destiny

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Born in 1952 in Santa Fe of Chicano and Apache descent, Jimmy Santiago Baca was abandoned by his parents at the age of 13 years old, he got placed in an orphanage by his grandmother which he ran away from as soon as possible. He was convicted on drug charges in 1973 and has spent five years in prison. While he served prison he learned to read and began writing poetry. Jimmy Baca recaptures his life and his struggles in A Place to Stand. When Jimmy was young he saw his father go to jail, addicted to alcohol, a mother that abandoned him for another man, and siblings broken apart mentally. This story explores the idea that no matter what background you come from you can rise above it and overcome any obstacle. Also, the environment in which he lived in had an effect on his life and destiny. In Jimmy Baca’s situation, his destiny turned out to be prison at Florence, where he learned to become a better individual which has been his motivation since his imprisonment.
Jimmy Baca had to struggle through the hardships of being accused of being a murderer. Because he didn’t have an education it made it easy for people to accuse him for something he didn’t do. He couldn’t talk or describe the horrible unfairness he felt. Jimmy Baca explains how reading and writing can change someone’s life completely for the good. He begins by explaining that by the age of 17 he experienced authority brutality that no human can handle. He is then, thrown into jail by the age of twenty with a…
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