Jimmy Hoffa 's Dead Body

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Although a serious topic of the past, Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance has become a light hearted joke that people share. Numerous articles have covered his case, both formally and informally. Neal Matthews’s magazine article, “Desperately Seeking Jimmy,” which was published by Boating Magazine on November 1999, described Matthews’s search for Jimmy Hoffa’s dead body. The article illustrates the author’s experiences during the search for Hoffa’s body. Matthews uses personal experience and visuals to explain the investigation in an entertaining manner, which was suitable for the mass-market magazine. The article begins with a scene from his search and subsequently describes his mission, background information, his experience in searching for Hoffa’s body, and the results. During his mission, Matthews provides the reader with background knowledge about Jimmy Hoffa’s case, as well as what equipment he used to search for his remains. He later includes the information that a jailed killer provided about his assistance in hiding Hoffa’s body, which showed them where the remains could reside. After the background information, Matthews returns to describing his experience and the results. Alongside the information about Jimmy Hoffa, the author includes information about the equipment he used. Although not specifically describing how his search was terminated, Matthews jokingly concludes his article with a favor to help with the search since he could not find Hoffa’s

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