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Jimmy John’s My personal reason to investigate Jimmy John’s is that I have had the experience of being a delivery driver for the franchise for the last two years. In this time I have learned some information about the business that is not commonly known and what happens outside of the customers’ views. In 1983, Jimmy John Liautaud perfected his award-winning bread and opened up his first Jimmy John’s restaurant. Jimmy John did not have a lot of money to start out his company and he was even unable to pay for an ice machine in his restaurant. His goal to expand the restaurant was to go around sampling his sandwiches and letting customers know about his cheap prices and that he delivered. This is still something the company is prided on…show more content…
Another way is only providing mayo, mustard, and oil and vinegar as sauce options. A recent problem with Jimmy John’s has been the recent sprout breakouts which have been on the news. This has hurt business for the company and ruined the reputation. The sprouts had some type of salmonella which caused them to all be recalled and have been unavailable on the menu for close to six months now with no replacement. Customers always are asking when the sprouts are coming back and there is no information available yet if there is a replacement. I have seen a few customers walk out of the store in disappointment of this. Apart from being a delivery driver I also have the job of sampling to the city of De Pere within our delivery area. Sampling is required every day when possible at every franchise store. The goal of sampling is to let everyone know that they deliver and are the perfect options for any last minute orders that need to be placed. After a sample is brought to each person, we are to take business cards and call back the next day to find out any feedback and how we could further help them with any questions they may have. I find this is an excellent way to build the business and to get out and talk to any customers to find out what we should be doing different. I love the opportunity of being the sampler for the store as I get to go out and bring samples and who doesn’t love free food? Jimmy John’s offers franchising options for those that would

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