Jing Mei Woo : The Joy Luck Club-

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Short Story Summaries-
Jing-mei Woo: The Joy Luck Club-
This section of the book starts off with Jing-mei discussing the fact that since her mother passed away she will now be taking over her seat in the joy luck club. After this information is shared, there is background information for the club these women are a part of. Expositional elements are shared in this section as well.
In order to keep her family safe, Suyuan moved her twin daughters and herself to Kweilin with other refugees where she then created the joy luck club. She created this club in order to deal with the stress of the war. After some time in Kweilin an army officer told Suyuan to take her children and travel to Chungking to be with her husband. During her journey on foot she had to leave things behind along the way and ended up with only three silk dresses and no children.
After Jing- mei finishes telling this story she goes into how she is nervous to take her mother’s place in the club. She also shares that while she was in the club meeting the other members received a letter from her half-sisters because her mother was trying to locate them before she passed away. The group gives Jing-mei money to travel to china and tell her sisters their mother’s story.
The climax of this section would be after Jing-mei was told of the letter and decided to travel to china and share the story of her mother. Being told she even had twin sisters would end up being the rising action.
An-mei Hsu:…
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