Jinki's Alternate Ending

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Jinki woke up with his phone vibrating under his back. The gloomy morning too cold for someone to be calling him. As he checked the screen, he groaned at the name flashing green.

“Please tell me it’s something important.” Jinki scurried underneath the blankets, the phone feeling cold against his cheek.

The person on the other end of the line laughed, “Guess what? I got the new parts in the mail today!” They sounded so chirpy as if they had nothing bad going for them. It was eight in the fucking morning, on a Saturday, Jinki almost felt bad for being the grumpy one.

“How many this time?” Jinki asked, pretending to be slightly interested.

“Just two. I don’t want to make the same mistake as last time.” Jinki yawned, slowly rolling over on
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He was crazy for thinking that his experiment was going to work. And if it did, what kind of life were they going to have? How could Minho be so selfish?

Jinki’s phone rang again, he finally got himself out of bed, dragging his feet as he entered the kitchen. He didn't answer. His coffee hadn't kicked in yet. A crossword puzzle laid on his small, cluttered kitchen table, only one word left to solve.

The phone rang again, and again, and it rang five more times
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At one in the afternoon, while he was cleaning the air ducts in his apartment, he heard the loud knocks at the door. When he opened, two men dressed in black greeted him with stoic expressions.

“Mr. Lee?” One of them asked.

Jinki thought for a moment, but he knew right away why they were there. But he played along. “Yes, that would be me.”

The two men looked at each other and then back at Jinki, one of them kept a hand on his waist, probably close to his gun. “May we come in, Mr. Lee?” The men should have tried to be more subtle.

“Sure, come in.” Jinki kept his voice low. He didn't want his neighbors getting curious.

“We are going to make this as clear as possible, Mr. Lee. Your friend Minho, he’s in some highly illegal stuff. What he is doing is not only going to get him in trouble with the law, but he will end up dead.”

Jinki forced a smile. “Is that a threat?”

For a heartbeat, the three men stared at each other. “Of course not. We only want what’s best for your friend.” The bulkier of the two agents paced around Jinki, eyes never straying away.

“I’m sure you do. Why are you here, then?” There was tightness in Jinki’s throat, and he couldn’t think beyond the fear welling inside of
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