Jinnah and Lord Mountbatten

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He was not particularly qualified to hold that position especially when it came to overseeing the decolonization of India. While he was appointed with the expectation that and independent India would remain united he quickly came to believe that was going to be impossible. He felt that there could be no rapid transition if partition was taken off of the table. His lack of diplomatic ability and understanding of the complexities of the situation on the ground was no match for the strong willed Muslim leader Jinnah who advocated passionately for the creation of a separate Pakistan. Mountbatten had no plan on how the partition would take place and what would happen to the minorities left behind in what would be the newly created states. His ineffective leadership and lack of a working plan would help create the environment which led to the mass murder of Hindu and Muslims by one another as the partition became a reality. The tension raised during those days is still felt today.
Jinnah was a London educated Muslim determined to create an independent Muslim state separate from a Hindu Indian state. As leader of the Muslim League he opposed Gandhi’s plan for a unified Democratic India and proposed the “two nation” theory mentioned on page 137 of the class text. He feared that Muslims would not be properly represented in a Democratic India…

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