Jisoo's Things Fall Apart

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Jisoo had realised that there were many ways in which you could lose someone.
You could lose someone to miscommunication or misunderstandings. You could lose someone to dissension or dissimilarity. You could lose someone to death itself. But perhaps one of the worst ways to lose someone; is if they left you for somebody else.
If they left you for somebody else because you weren’t enough. Because you were never enough.
Jisoo couldn’t imagine the pain that would come with facing a reality like that, and he didn’t particularly ever want to. But unfortunately, reality does not work in ways that are always favourable, and Jihoon had learnt this the hard way.
Because his girlfriend had been cheating on him.
Like any valuable piece of gossip, it was planted like a seed in a meadow, and it bloomed into a garden of vines, and flowers, and vivid green succulents that would be impossible to go unnoticed by
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As if he was trying to drill it into his own mind rather than theirs.
But that was the thing - it was a big deal. While they were dating, it was evident that she had meant a lot to him, much more than anyone else he had previously been in relationships with, anyway. But right now, Jihoon was acting as if she had been nothing more than a withered daisy in a field of yellow daffodils.
“…I still feel like I should try talking to him again…” Seungcheol said, concern creeping at the corners of his voice. He was the closest to Jihoon, and it was only expected that he’d be the most solicitous. But if Jihoon wanted comfort, (which he didn’t) he would ask. If he wanted to talk about it, (which he didn’t) he would. Jisoo was going to be honest. “I think we all should just leave him alone for a while…it’s obvious that he doesn’t want us discussing it, and he probably despises all of the attention that’s directed at him right now.”
Seungcheol’s eyes looked lost. “Yeah,” he said rather weakly. “I suppose you’re
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