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JJT2 Social Responsibility Company X Tax Services is a part time small home operated business with one employee who is the owner/operator. It provides tax preparation and filing to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and s-corporations. Company X Tax Services has been in business since 1996. There has never been a sustainability strategy save for 100% adherence to tax laws. (A1) Good company citizenship goes beyond simply meeting the letter of the law. A socially responsible company should be aware of the effects its decision-making has on the community around it. This is illustrated in part “A” of the unanimously adopted policies of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Virtual…show more content…
Citizens expect public leaders to conform to higher moral standards. Executives regularly encounter a variety of ethical issues-- from organizational issues, such as interactions with suppliers, to the complex clinical issues of end-of-life patient care decisions. To ensure these wide-ranging ethical decisions are being made effectively and in the best interest of patients, employees and the community, healthcare leaders need to set the ethical tone of the organization. Leaders can begin by establishing a systematic approach to ethics so when ethical issues do occur; the organization’s actions to address them match its core values. To do this, leaders should identify and discuss specific ethical challenges, determine how to approach them, and provide practical insights to help maintain and enhance ethical performance. For the organization to grow its ethics, leaders should follow these guidelines: * Be Ethically Conscious – Have an appreciation for the ethical dimensions and implications of one’s daily actions and decisions. * Be Ethically Committed – Be completely devoted to doing the right thing. * Be Ethically Competent – Demonstrate that you have the knowledge and understanding required to make ethically sound decisions. * Be Ethically Courageous – Act upon these competencies even when the action may not be accepted with enthusiasm or endorsement. * Be Ethically Consistent –

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