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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Task 01: Plan and Present Workplace Communication system Review of case study JKL industries is an Australian owned company selling forklift, small trucks and spare parts to industry. They also have a division which leases forklifts and small trucks on long term leases over three months. The company’s head office is in Sydney and JKL has branches in Brisbane, Melbourne,…show more content…
An internal management review of an organization has uncovered many serious issues which lead to block internal and external strategic relationships creation as well as result in poor general awareness in organizational goals, values and ethics. Communication Strategy Objectives * Creating support for organizational initiatives and objectives * Raise awareness of the changes that will result from implementation of the restructure * Improve communication within organization * Focusing on improving information flow base on bottom-up model * Change behaviors of poor communication Target audiences * All staffs across organization * Senior management * The public (customer / client’s companies) Key Messages * Sales results over the past 5 years indicated strong growth in forklift and truck sales. The rental market has been in decline. Result in company decided to reposition itself to focus solely on retail sales and service and exit the rentals market. * There will be significant changes to the current organizational structure. * JKL Industries intends (where feasible) to recruit from within the company and up-skill or reskill exiting employees presently working in rentals who wish to remain with the company. Communication Methods * Function Lunch meeting: this way of communication might be suitable for senior management member as for a monthly meeting in

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