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The Invention of Television ‏ Student’s name: Ahmed masoud Al Reyami H00134790 Fahad Ahmed H00247616 Abdullah yaqoob Mrs.: Julie Richards The Invention of Television ------------------------------------------------- When you ask the question--who invented television, you may get a few different answers! Television was not invented by a single inventor, instead many people working together and alone over the years, contributed to the evolution of television. * In Sorbonne, France1922, Edwin Belin, an Englishman, who held the patent for the transmission of photographs by wire as well as fiber optics and radar, demonstrated a mechanical scanning device that was an early precursor to modern television. * John Logie…show more content…
I choose to write about the television invention because arguing that television is educational and entertaining has been overused. The most important quality of television has been overlooked, the ability to change a person's thinking strategy. To categorize everything on television into either Good or Bad is wrong. To inspire hope into the viewer is a gift. The ability to help others visualize a positive concept or idea is a blessing. I believes that the entertainment television has a big and clear effect on real world health by the various programs which offers a wide range of knowledge and information in this sector, for example Dr. Oz Show, and its impact on viewers' perceptions of issues such as the quality of managed care, the rights of patients under current law, whether insurance companies are providing sufficient coverage, and end-of-life decisions. Related work suggests, too, that TV viewers may well mix what they see on news and entertainment together In conclusion, the television is a great technological achievement that has the characteristics of a person, some shows are funny, powerful and inspiring; others are just not worth watching. Although television has a bad reputation, it really is a wonderful tool, bringing into our living room a whole other world. References * (2012, January 9). Report and research. Retrieved from (https://transition.fcc.gov) * John Logie Baird:

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