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Jillian Morris
Mrs. Flowers
Criminalistics CH300-01
April 17, 2015
Journey through Forensic botany of the Casey Anthony trial

Forensic science is a vital tool in the search for the truth in any legal proceeding. “Regardless of the type of legal proceeding or which side uses scientific evidence, the forensic scientist must be able to write a report and testify under oath about, what facts or items of evidence were analyzed or tested; what tests or analyses were used; how valid or reliable those tests or analyses have been found to be by other courts; why and how the forensic scientist was qualified to conduct those tests or analyses; and, what the results of the tests or analyses were and how those results are relevant to the
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Ashton had some information about the example of leaf litter, representing that a portion of the leaves in the photographs were off the trees for more than two weeks taking into account their changing levels of rot. Ashton likewise uncovered that the 2-year-old's hip bone was covered in 4 inches of waste when her remaining parts were observed, which Bock reacted could have been because of an animal covering the bone. The state noticed that in Bock's past testimony, she expressed that she couldn't say when Caylee's remaining parts were put in the forested areas. “Bock conceded that the remaining parts could have been in the forested areas for over two weeks and that she had constrained experience in studying on roots developing into bones”.(Battaglia 2012) She also explained that the plant evidence found in Anthony’s car did not appear to have come from the scene where the remains were found. Forensic botany is a relatively new discipline being used. During the murder trial of Casey Anthony, forensic botany was used to determine how long Caylee’s remains were in the forested area. This case was exceptionally interesting, even after the lies that Casey told, even after reporting her daughter missing a month after; she was acquitted and could never be tried again for

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