Jnana Yoga Caught My Attraction

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Initially, Jnana stood out due to the implication that Moksha can be achieved using knowledge. Intrigued, I was under the impression that this meant to use facts to understand parts of life that are complicated or that cause stress. Much to my surprise, I came to the realization that the knowledge they speak of is not fact, but a way of thinking. Regardless of this hiccup, this path to Moksha still displayed relevancy to my lifestyle.
Jnana yoga caught my attraction because I was operating under the assumption that this was a way to put my love of learning to use. That is, I thought one is required to learn various facts about different subjects to grasp Jnana. My misunderstanding of this led to some research, which was very beneficial and resulted in my increased awareness of the implications of Jnana to my own life.
One of the important applications of Jnana yoga is to discriminate what is real from the unreal (Swami Vidyananda,Using Your Discrimination in Daily Life: Youtube). To do this, one must figure out what is real and existing in their life at the moment. This allows a person to be mindful of their life and to take in their immediate surrounding instead of worrying about imminent future. Another way to look at this is to come to the realization that nothing in life is guaranteed and that the situation being fretted over may not come to fruition for a number of reasons. The time spent fretting over the nonexistent future could have been spent enjoying life and
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