Joan Of Arc : A Short Biography Of Joan Of Arc

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Biography - Joan of Arc:
Joan of Arc was a peasant living on a farm. All the locals loved her. She spent her days in fields, ploughing and guarding animals. For her occupation she worked as a military leader “Joan of Arc was an aggressive military commander who always opted for offense instead of defense. In thirteen known engagements, her troops were victorious nine times..”- a blog by Scott Manning. Joan of Arc is known for her story. When she was twelve years old she had a vision of Michael the Archangel. She was to lead the French in the battle with the English. Joan received her armour and horse from Charles at the age of seventeen. So Joan of Arc cut off all her hair dressed up to be boy and lead the attack in The Battle of Orleans. Joan was captured on 23 May 1430 by the Burgundian troops who sold her to the English. The English put her on trial and burned her at the stake. I believe that Joan’s legacy was left when she got reexamined and was proclaimed innocent. Later the Catholic Church declared her a saint. Joan of Arc’s saint day is May the 30th.

Everyday Life of a Peasant:
The everyday life of a peasant in Medieval Europe was one of the hardest positions to have at this day and time. Having a hard life also led to having a short life with all the hard work and minimal sleep they were getting. The peasants were on the bottom of the Feudal Pyramid (shown in the picture).

The roles for men in the peasant society was to protect and provide for their families. They

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