Joan Of Arc A Visionary And Ethical Leader

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MSgt Shaun L. Cox
MSgt Tony Sansone
18 November 2016

Joan of Arc A Visionary and Ethical Leader
“I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God 's will.” ~Joan of Arc (Kennedy, 2007)

Have you ever been so loyal to your beliefs that you would be willing to die for them? Joan of Arc was a peasant girl, a knight, a military leader, and the Patron Saint of France. She was also a visionary and ethical leader. As a visionary leader, I will describe how Joan of Arc was an Advancer who took Gods message and formulated a plan to free France from the English. I will also tell you how she used transformational leadership and Idealized Influence, leading an army of men into battle even while she was wounded. Next, I will show you how she was an ethical leader and demonstrated the trait of loyalty by obeying Gods commands. I will describe how she dealt with the ethical dilemma of potential harm when the English took her as a prisoner. Finally, I will tell you how her use of Idealized Influence inspired me as a leader in the military and how I faced the ethical dilemma of potential harm while deployed in Iraq. First, let me tell you why Joan was a visionary leader.
Visionary Leader: Joan of Arc was an Advancer and displayed Idealized Influence as a visionary leader.
She began hearing voices from God when she was 13 years old, telling her she was to be the Savior of France.…
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