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She is the youngest war commander of all time. (“Joan of Arc Speech”) She was a woman who did all that it took to save France and did it in just a year. She’s an inspiration to people then and now. Despite not being able to read or write, she inspired, accomplished, and led. She was a peasant girl only 13 years old when her life changed, a war heroine just 19 years old when she died, and a Saint to the Catholic Church forever. Who is she? She is Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc’s bold leadership skills affected not only the political matters of France, but also the Catholic Church.
Joan of Arc accomplished numerous things in such a short lifetime. She was born on January 6, 1412 to Jacques D’arc and Isabelle Romée in Domremy, France (“Joan of Arc Saves, Lives 19-21, Daring 84-85). Between the ages of 12 and 13 Joan heard voices of angels telling her she was meant to save France. She left home
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Her legacy doesn’t end with her religion. France may still be under England if she hadn’t stood up and fought. She endured battles and death for her country. In her Orléans, she was shot. In Compiénge, she was captured. In Rouen, she died. Joan helped save France and without her, who knows what state France would be in today (“Joan of Arc Biography”, “Joan of Arc Timeline”, “Joan of Arc”). Would the sewing machine even exist? Would 1800’s Italian scientist, Alessandro Volta still have invented the battery? Would the world be in more war? The world has changed because of her and the consequences of her not making a change, do not have to be faced. France has shown multiple ways of celebrating this war heroine. Joan’s hometown Domremy changed its name to Domremy-La-Pucelle. Joan was known as La Pucelle meaning the Maid. Domremy-La-Pucelle means in honor of the Maid (“Joan of Arc-Fun). She also has a feast day May 30 and a French holiday, the second Sunday in May (“Joan of

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