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Joan Of Arc

Witchcraft is an on going concern throughout all ages in history. Many people believe in the power of darker forces. Most fear those with special gifts and begin to make accusations formulated through jealousy. Joan of Arc was one of those people that had many gifts and foresaw the future through divine intervention. Burned at the stake for being accused and tried as being a witch, she never gave up her pride or lost faith in her God.

Joan was born in 1412 and lived in a small village called Domremy, which is located in the Champagne district of northeastern France. She grew up as the daughter of a farmer. Often working on the farm and tending to the animals, Joan lived the life of a peasant woman.1 She did not
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The English captured Joan outside the gate and later was sold back to the Spanish for ten thousand pounds. The Spanish immediately put her in a jail and charged her with being a witch and a heretic.5

The "voices" that Joan claimed to hear led to her arrest and accusation of being a witch. At the age of thirteen Joan started to hear voices. Accompanied by a blaze of light, Joan could somehow distinguish these voices into Saints through their dialogue.6 Among these saints she recognized St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine. 7 One of the first "voices" that Joan heard, told her about a battle just outside Orleans, in Herring. Joan was instructed by the voices to go to the king so that she could lead France to victory over the English and to crown the rightful king, Charles VII. She went to a man named Robert Bandricourt, who commanded a neighboring town, and requested him to take her to the king. When he denied her right to see the king, so she confessed to him what the voices told her. After hearing her prediction of the lost battle, the king agreed to meet with Joan. After their meeting everything was in place to start fighting the English out of France.8 Another one of the voices told Joan to take arms against the British. At first she refused and told the voice that

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