Joan Of Arc

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Joan was brown the year of 1412, her birth place was in Domremy Bar, France. Joan was what you would call your average citizen during the 1400s. Joan lived on a poor farm with her parents Jacques and Isabelle Arc, Joan stayed close to home and in her time she had become a very skilled seamstress. Joan had not attended school for her parents were too poor and she was a girl. In Joan's free time she would admire the work of past war plans, Joan was fascinated by their war strategies. These were some of the events during Joan’s childhood. Joan never had much of an adult hood, she had no husband or child just a father and a mother. The only home Joan had was her family's farm in Domremy, France. On May 30, 1431 was the day Joan was burned at the stack in a marketplace in Rouen in front of over 100,000 people. What made Joan most famous was the day she lead a compiegne to fight the Burgundians. During the battle she was thrown from her horse and captured by the Burgundians where she was thrilled as a heretic for witchcraft, heresy, and dressing like a man which led to her death being burned on the stack.…show more content…
Joan was fascinated by all this military, after months of persistence she was finally granted a position in the military after the first war she had lead and won she was accused of witchcraft do to her ability to strategize good war techniques. This person proved that there is no difference in a man or woman's ability to do things. She proved that women can be great war strategists. I would consider Joan as a leader not just because she literally lead an army but because she plowed a path for women rights that had been knocked down and denied for decades. It had taken 25 years after Joan's death for Joan to be declared innocent and named a martyr. In May 19, 1920 she was declared a guiding saint of
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