Joan Of Arc Research Paper

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Joan of Arc by Mary Gordon is a biography of Joan of Arc, who was a heroine of France who lived from 1412 to 1431. Joan was born in a small village in France in 1412 to a peasant family. Joan believed from a young age that God had chosen her specifically to be the lead in her country, England's, fight to victory in the Hundred Year’s War. These visions from God led her to leaving her family behind and somehow convincing the Dauphin to allow her to suit up and lead a French army to Orleans to battle. She became victorious in this battle and helped to crown the Dauphin Charles, as she had promised him. After this victory, Joan’s reputation began to be known among French forces. On her next travel to become involved in a Burgundian assault on Compiégne, she was taken captive by the Burgundians. She was thrown from her horse and left outside of the town’s gates while attempting to protect the town. The Burgundians held her captive for months as they attempted to arrange a deal with the English for Joan. They wanted ten thousand francs in trade for her return home. Charles VII did not comply and have Joan released because of his lack of faith in her potential so, the Burgundians turned Joan over to church officials, who tried her as a heretic. Joan was charged with approximately 70 counts of crimes such as dressing as a man, witchcraft, and heresy. She was then burned at the stake. I feel while this book did an adequate job overviewing Joan of Arc’s life and
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