Joan of Arc Biography

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Joan d’Arc was one of the most popular Renaissance warriors and is famously known for her battle at Orleans, which she won, at only 18 years of age. When she rose to fame, Joan was often called the “Maid of Lorraine,” showing that she was the peasant girl from Lorraine.
Born in 1412, Jeanne d’Arc, more commonly known as Joan of Arc, was raised in the small village of Domrémy, located in Lorraine, France. Her parents, Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée, were mere peasants that also helped raise her 4 siblings, Jean d’Arc, Pierre d’Arc, Catherine d’Arc, and Jacquemin d’Arc. As a child, Joan often had to deal with wars, financial struggles, a corrupt government, and the slaying of innocent people, often for no reason. This was because of the simultaneous deaths of the kings of France, King Henry V, and England, King Charles VI. With them dead, the only heirs to the throne were Charles, who may not have been Charles VI’s biological son, and Henry, who was Catherine (Charles VI’s daughter) and Henry V’s son. There was a dispute between the two countries as to who would rule the other, as Henry was only an infant and Charles might not have really been an heir. As a result, the Hundred Years’ War was fought between the two countries. As Henry grew older, the war raged on. He was eventually crowned king, but didn’t use any of his power to try to win the Hundred Years’ War; this gives Henry the title of a Dauphin, someone who has the power to rule but hasn’t taken the initiative; like
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