Joan of Arc Essay

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Joan of Arc

Jeanne d’Arc, or La Pucelle, the Maid of Orleans became a national heroine and patron saint of France in the fifteenth century. She was born to Isabelle de Vouthon and Jacques Darc, small peasant farmers in the town of Domremy, near Champagne. She was the youngest of five children, and grew up learning to attend in the fields and housekeeping duties. She was quite skilled in sewing and spinning. Although illiterate, Joan was taught about religion and was known to be a pious child who spent a lot of time in prayer and petition, often kneeling in the church in quiet humility. People in her community thought of Joan as exceptionally advanced and mature for her age and had the reputation of being a tender hearted
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Once Joan had convinced the captain of the dauphin’s forces, she went on to an examination of a board of theologians at Poitiers. The examination was of the most searching and formal. She passed their examination and was then given troops to command and given her own rank of Captain. She went on to the battle of Orleans in 1429, and led her troops to defeat the English. She continued in the fighting and led through other locations along the Loire. Her reputation became one of a formidable leadership, and by the time she reached Lord Talbot’s army at Patay, most of the English troops and the Commander Sir John Fastolfe had fled the battlefield. This cowardice was punished later, and the Commander was stripped of his Order of the Garter. The battle was lost by the English, and Lord Talbot was captured along with a hundred English noblemen and lost nearly 2000 of his soldiers.

That summer, when Charles VII was crowned king of France , Joan was given a place of honor next to the king... She was later ennobled for her services to the country.

In 1430 she was captured by the Burgundians while in battle defending Compiegne near Paris. She was sold to the English, then

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