Joan of Arc Essay

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Joan of Arc

Throughout history people have made a name for themselves by their actions. From Napoleon to Amelia Earhart, individuals have been recognized through their accomplishments. The faithful Joan of Arc has done the same. Joan broke through the boundaries for women of her time and, consequently, is one of the most famous young women in history. This statement is profoundly accurate because she was such a young girl with an extremely powerful devotion to God. But just how did Joan’s intense dedication to God influence her brief life? Joan of Arc was born in Domrémy, France in 1412, 75 years after the Hundred Years’ War broke out. By the time Joan was thirteen she first began to hear voices. This was just after the time the
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The voices told Joan to leave her home, the only place she had ever known, to become a soldier, and to participate in war. The voices also insisted Joan take a vow of chastity, which she so willingly did. Joan’s God wanted her to risk her life, to escort men into battle to crown a king. Joan was urged to leave behind everything she had ever known to support her God. She boldly left her family with no more than a second glance because she was so fixed on what God wanted her to do. She knew what she had to do: crown the dauphin king of France, Charles VII. Surprisingly, Joan gained Charles’ support, quite quickly, through God. Joan joined Charles’ forces and before long, she was given an army and charged into Orléans to begin battle with the English. Joan’s success only lasted nine months, but the battles she won were so important to the French that it seems they lasted much longer. Her luck changed in May 1430, when she was captured by the Burgundians, the soldiers who ruined her town almost 20 years ago, and then sold to the English. From this point on Joan would no longer be a soldier but a prisoner for the rest of her life and this was the will of Joan’s God. Throughout her imprisonment and trial held by the English, Joan kept her faith in God alive. This would have been difficult for someone without such a strong belief in God, for it was God who encouraged Joan to go to

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