Joao Coutinho,“There Is No Neutral Education. Education

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Joao Coutinho,“There is no neutral education. Education is either for domestication or for freedom.” Therefore I question one to think about the category in which the american school system falls into, are we creating freedom thinkers or robots of government or are our students trap inside this conventional compulsory schooling? School is suppose to be a place where students are to be motivated and taught that all the things in which they dream will become reality. However as time has progressed teachers have been forced to teach certain content and in particular ways, while students are required to learn through the styles implemented by their teacher. What many may not know is that the requirements that teachers and students must follow…show more content…
As Maslow hierarchy of needs state, a person can not reach their fullest potential unless they first meet their basic needs. How will this affect their passion to teach? According to a report released by the Department of Education there has become a more urgent need for teachers as the teacher shortage increases. Educators are beginning to lose their passion for their profession. What example does this set for the children as it relates to education? If they would for one second answer these few questions before making such an immense decision they would stop taking money away from education. Answer this question; if there were more educators and administrators in these government positions, the secretary of education, would it be so easy to implement cuts within education? There are people like president Trump’s new elect Betsy Devos who has never been in a classroom or has never held a position within a school. This becomes problematic because she now holds one of the most powerful positions within education: The United States Secretary of Education. “As the head of the US Department of Education, the secretary advises and executes legislation over education policy at both the K-12 and postsecondary levels.” In an interview she participated in with a CNN host she was perceived to be unknowledgeable about laws like, Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA), which

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