Joaquin Bonaparte Book Report

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I'm writing this UOR because my foreworker Joaquin Duarte is starting to make me feel uncomfortable and acting erratic and hostile every time I come to work. I was hoping that it wasn't a personal issue and that it would be a one time occurrence, but it has ended up being a consistent problem and I am starting to feel harassed. He has made my other co workers also feel very uncomfortable so I am attaching different incidents where I feel he has acted inappropriately at work. 7/12: Joaquin approached me saying "I know it doesn't take this long for a spiral staircase to be completed." I told him the elevator is down (being remodeled) and we have 1 new crew member. He said "there is no excuse." He then threatened me by saying he would "find…show more content…
Crew member who was on there way down gave it to me so I wouldn't have to go back up. It was quickly resolved and was not near big enough of a set back to warrant his childish attitude, bullying, and sarcastic remarks stating I should carry it in my pocket because I don't go to the store without money. It made me feel even more uncomfortable and hurt. 7/18 Joaquin called and said that doing a double and going to lunch at 11:45 is unacceptable and we are going at a slow pace... I explained the station got done last week and we were rushed everyday. He asked for a speedy memo. A double & single set of staircases, with 1 full escalator was completed. He requested a speedy memo or a UOR. He said he would be by in 15 min around 8:20 with diesel and bravo he didn't show up until 9:45-10:00 another reason why we got a late start. Also elevator (being remodeled) was down all equipment was carried back and forth again. We had legit reason for taking longer they were just excuses to him and made us feel like we couldn't do anything and dropped the morale of the crew even
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