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Job Analysis at Comptech What are the current job specifications for the store manager job? Based on the information you have (or could have), how would you assess the validity of these specifications? What approaches would you use? The current job specifications for the store manager position that is required, by most district managers, at CompTech is that the candidate being considered should have a MBA or at minimum three years’ experience as store manager. CompTech’s strategic objective is to meet customer requirements and expand their customer base, so I would also include strong customer service skills as a job specification. To validate the specifications that have been given I would look towards the job description initially and…show more content…
Next I would make sure I put together a job description. When you recruit for a position, either internally or externally you need to have clear expectations of the skillset of the person you are recruiting for to possess. As well, Carlyle would need to ensure that she has a specific salary range in mind. Carlyle could do a benchmark screening of a full-time personnel recruiter in their area and for CompTech’s size of company. This would help ensure you will for one not be paying more for a position that you need to and for two ensure you are having a competitive enough salary to attract the talent pool you are needing. Responses to Case Study: HR Planning Permalco's Recruiting Challenge Identify the SWOT at Permalco as related to recruiting production leaders? The Strengths of recruiting at Permalco are: Current employees willing to go above and beyond to help better themselves and the company. The Weaknesses of recruiting at Permalco are: The Company’s current working environment (heat) and some of the current employee’s The Opportuniteis of recruiting at Permalco are: Permalco has the opportunity to bring in new employees to be production leaders that can help impact Permalco in a positive way in the future. The Threats of recruiting at Permalco are: permalco will be recruiting for a diverse candidate and there are also many other companies searching for the same qualitites. The current pool of diverse applicants will be limited since most

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