Job Analysis: Human Resource Manager at Johnson Enterprises

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Human Resource Manager at Johnson Enterprises Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Human Resource Manager at Johnson Enterprises Define and describe a job analysis Job analysis refers to the process of data collection to describe verifiable work characteristics and behaviors of the working environment. Information regarding all jobs is used as a basis for making decisions about setting salaries and wage rates, performance appraisals, developing and training of employees, classifying jobs and job positions, as well as articulating employee guiding standards (National Governors' Association & United States, 2007). While few HR managers consider how the variations in the job description can affect HRM systems, most of them have acknowledged the value of the job description. Common narratives regarding job description derived from stock, generic description and developed by one person, are likely to be sources of critical limitations. Sometimes, developing and maintaining such descriptions are costly. It is very easy for data to focus on exclusively on the most vital functions and carry various inaccuracies. Further, such descriptions do not necessarily offer adequate information, required to compensate, classify, develop, and evaluate employees. Instead of wasting resources such as time and money on indigenous forms of narrative description, HR managers should consider formal job analysis (Springer, 2010). The new Act on American with a disability has emphasized on the
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