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What is a job analysis? A job analysis figures out what a person does in there line of work. It unveils the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required to perform their job successfully. Job analysis gives purpose and outcome to the job. It defines the job role in relation to other jobs in the organization. Through job analysis you obtain all necessary job data in the organization. Job analysis is a process of job data collection through one or multiple methods. One method is continuous observation which is done over a given period of time. A trained analyst observes a worker and records what the worker is doing, how they do it and how long it takes. There is also work sampling which is a form of observation. This constitutes of…show more content…
Job analysis is essential to job design and organizational planning. It will determine minimum requirements as far as experience and education for screening applicants. Job analysis will help you create interview questions for possible candidates. Once a candidate is hired the job analysis will assist in the training and development of the new employee. It will determine method of most effective training; whether it should be small group, computer based, video or a classroom setting and length of time required for the training. Job analysis will also aide in performance appraisal. It allows you to measure an employee performance based on the expectations communicated to them when they were hired and trained. Job analysis will aide on minimizing grievance settlement. If done correctly organization can be protected with from employment claims. Conversely failure to execute proper job analysis and can open up an organization to lawsuits that maybe financially detrimental. Job descriptions, derived from the job analysis. Provides understanding between organization and employee of what is expected in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. Job analysis is one of the major pillars that hold an organization to stand tall. Per ERI Economic Research Institute (2012) “It is the starting point for just about any human resource program (page 5).” Job analysis is essential for growth in any

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