Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper
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February 28, 2011

Nursing Job Analysis A job analysis is a process used to determine and identify the details of a specific job requirement or duties and the significance of these duties for the given job (Spector, 2008). In a job analysis there are also judgments about the data collected on-the-job (Fine & Crinshaw, 1999). It is also important to remember that a job analysis is conducted for the job position and not the person. The data collected for a job analysis comes from current questionnaires or interviews, the specification and description of the job (Spector, 2008). The main purpose of a job analysis is to document and establish the job relatedness of employment procedures such as interviewing,
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The top 10% of nurses earned more than $92,240, whereas the lower 10% earned less than $43,410 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). About 21% of nurses are union members or covered by a union contract (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Organizations use job analysis to perform appraisals used indirectly or directly to assist in determining any or any future reward outcomes. Results from job analysis help employers identify the employees who are performing better in their jobs and who should be getting paid more or rewarded with bonuses or promotions. The appraisal systems are more formal and structured between the employee and his or her immediate supervisor. Job analysis or job appraisals are done depending on the company or organization, either biannually or annually. The strength, weaknesses, skill developments, and opportunities for improvement are discusses with the employee. Those employees that are poor performers are counseled for better improvement and performance. Only in extreme cases are decrease in pay, demotion, or even dismissal is resorted to. The modern job analysis is to encompass the goal setting for the employer and employee.
Different methods of appraisal that can be used for a registered nurse can range from essay appraisal to forced choice rating. In an essay appraisal, the employer is asked to write an essay describing the employee’s strength, potentials, and weaknesses (Cleveland, 1992).

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