Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper
The reason for job analysis is to study and evaluate the things that a job is supposed to involve. This is describing exactly what skills are needed to perform the job, and what the exact qualifications are to fill the position. Job analysis is a method needed when the employee need to know the precise function. An example would be that an employee’s duties should be clearly stated. So, a jobs analyst is to observe the employee at his or her current duties. This is also helpful in deciding what the requirements are to perform this job more effectively. As well jobs continue to change so a job analyst n should watch for
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In 1996 across the state of Texas the Texas Evaluation Model for Professional School Counselors (TEMPSCO) was implemented. This serves as a form of regular analysis of an all school counselors. It is also pertinent for counselors teaching grades Pre-School -12th grades. It is documented on The School Guidance and Counseling Job Evaluation Form. Eight Domains of Job Performance
There are a multitude of sub categories to the eight domains that are observed in the job analysis. This includes certain standards of personal behavior and job performance of the person in this position. All of the standards are provided by the Texas Education Code, Title 2, Public Education, Subtitle F. Curriculum, Programs, and Services: Service Programs and Extracurricular Activities; Subchapter A; School Counselors and Counseling Programs (TEA, 2011). This requires practicing counselors to assess, arrange and administer developmental programs (including resources in a program and paraprofessionals) designed for other teachers, parents as well as students. Developmental programs need to concentrate on developing decision making, interpersonal effectiveness, self confidence, goal setting, cross cultural effectiveness, planning, communication, responsible behavior, and motivation to achieve (TEA, 2011). Also a school counselor is directed to
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