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JOB ANALYSIS REPORT- FRONT OFFICE MANAGER NEELIMA KONDRAGUNTA JOB: For this project, I chose to do an analysis for the position of Front Office Manager. I think this position is critical to any company within the hospitality industry. The job usually involves using communication and organizational skills to coordinate, supervise, manage and train others to accomplish goals. Previous work-related skill, knowledge and/ or experience are required for this position. Employees in this position usually need one to two years of training involving both on-the job experience and informal training with experienced managers. BASIS FOR POSITION SELECTED: There are several different reasons for selecting this particular position, one of the…show more content…
Then, I finally compared all the information I gathered through internet searches and my SME. JOB REQUIREMENTS MATRIX FOR FRONT OFFICE MANAGER: |Tasks | |KSAOs | Specific Tasks |Task Dimensions |Importance (percentage of time spent) |KSAO Definition |New hire/ Upon hiring requirements |Importance of KSAO to Tasks (1-5 Rating) | | 1. Greet and register guests. 2. Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel policies and services, and resolve guests’ complaints. 3. Train staff members by showing them how to use the software and the check in procedures. 4. Observe and monitor staff performance to ensure efficient operations and adherence to hotel’s policies and procedures. 5. Coordinate front office activities and resolve problems with guests as well as co-workers. 6. Collect payments and record data pertaining to funds and expenditures. 7. Interview and hire applicants. 8. Prepare required paperwork pertaining to departmental functions. 9. Confer and cooperate with other managers to ensure coordination of hotel activities. 10. Assign duties to guest service agents and schedule shifts. 11. Receive and process advance reservation payments, send confirmation e-mails, or return checks when reservation cannot be accepted. 12. Assign room

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