Job Analysis : The Best Employee For The Right Position

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In today’s fast paced, highly competitive global workplace it is essential a company have a highly qualified and productive workforce. Companies large and small can utilize several different methods to recruit and hire the best employee for the right position. Successful businesses will begin the hiring process by first conducting a job analysis, followed by either an internal or external recruitment. The decision on whether internal or external is best for the company can be made by weighing the factors that will result in hiring the best employee. Job analysis is a necessary first step for a successful hiring process because to find the perfect candidate, the business must first know what is to be expected of the candidate. A proper job analysis will identify the important skills, duties, and knowledge needed to perform the job by describing what it is the business is in the greatest need of. The job analysis can also be useful when deciding which type of recruitment practice would be best. For example if a quick turnaround and someone with extensive knowledge of customers is needed, internal recruitment may be best. On the other hand if new ideas are needed to grow a new sector of the business it may be best served by bringing in an employee with a new and different skill set or background. Internal recruitment which is the practice of promoting someone within the business can be a valuable tool. It may offer benefits such as saving time and money for…
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