Job Analysis and Description: Call Center Attendant

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Job Analysis and Description Undercover Boss Diamond Resort International Season 3 Episode 1 Call center attendants The position at the call center requires selling holiday destination to clients who have bought points with diamond resort international (Barrick, Mount, & Judge, 2001). As a vacation and holiday company diamond Resort international earn revenues through the number of holiday destinations the sell to client for exchange of previously purchased point. The call center attendants are expected to understand how the system works and act as the client advisor on the available destination and the cost. The center attendant is responsible for determining the caller's needs; assessing measures to meet the customers' needs and advising the client on available solutions or options. The call center attendant should have competence in perusing the company's data base on travel destinations, understand the cost and be able to relay this information to the client. For the purposes of handling the customer request the call center need to have a strong interpersonal personality. The personality should be able to propel the call center attendant towards conversation with the client and appear confident in the words they share to clients. The call center attendant needs to have the capacity to encourage clients to embrace the company offers in a warm assertive way. Front Desk Receptionist The position of a front desk operator requires an individual fully aware of the

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