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What are the current job specifications for the store manager job? Based on the information you have (or could have), how would you assess the validity of these specifications? What approaches would you use? The current job specifications for the store manager position that is required, by most district managers, at CompTech is that the candidate being considered should have a MBA or at minimum three years’ experience as store manager. CompTech’s strategic objective is to meet customer requirements and expand their customer base, so I would also include strong customer service skills as a job specification. To validate the specifications that have been given I would look towards the job description initially and I would perform some…show more content…
They also state that by having long tenured employees you increase the employee knowledge base, as longer tenured employees naturally know more about the company that shorter tenured employees (Tyler , 2007). I would purpose that CompTech consider promoting store managers from within. This would require changing the requirements to reflect someone that may not have a MBA or someone that does not have three years of prior supervisory experience. Another suggestion that may work well, I know it has for my organization, it to develop a Management Trainee Program. Some of the current weaknesses that CompTech currently possess is having such a high number of vacancies and they have pretty large amount of turnover. One of their major strengths is that they are willing to train their store managers with a product they have come up with “CompTech University” (Bernardin, J.H., 2013. Carlyle is giving strong consideration to hiring a full-time personnel recruiter (CompTech has never employed such as specialist). Assuming she has decided to hire such a person, how should she proceed? If I were Carlyle and considering hiring a full-time personnel recruiter I would perform a strategic job analysis (Bernardin, J.H., 2013. This would help assist since a position like this does not already exist at

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