Job Crafting Reflection Individual Assignment ( 20 % Of Course Grade )

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Mgmt. 469: Organizational Behavior Job Crafting Reflection Individual Assignment (20% of Course Grade) Murali Mohan Pallikonda At Snigdha Solutions Inc, we build customized software products for our clients. I am responsible for delivering these products on time with high quality. As part of the Organizational Behavior course, I did the Job Crafting exercise. I started this exercise by listing down all the tasks that are part of my day to day job. I put them into three categories: 1. Tasks requiring most time and energy, 2. Tasks requiring medium time and energy and 3. Tasks requiring least amount of time and energy. By doing this I was able to see which tasks consuming most of my work day. I learned that I am spending around 60% of my time in attending meetings, 20% of the time responding to emails and another 20% of my time preparing power point documents. For my after diagram, I wrote down the values that are important to me, my strengths and my passions. My values include Satisfaction, Personal growth, and create value. My strengths include critical and analytical thinking, technical knowledge and endurance. My passions include learning, problem solving, and teaching and helping others. After completing this step, I looked back at the tasks which were taking majority of my time and energy and see how they fit with my values, strengths and passions. Tasks that consume 90% of my time and energy use only 50 to 60% of my strengths or things that value or passionate about.

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