Job Decisions And A Human Resource Specialist Position

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SUMMARY This report examines two different job choices in my management major. The jobs analyzed will be a Sales Manager position and a Human Resource Specialist position. This report will highlight multiple aspects of each job. The highlighted material will include background, working conditions, pay scale, geographic expectations, and job outlook. This report will help decide which career choice would be best for me. Information provided for these jobs was found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Sales Managers – sales managers guide organizations’ sales teams. This includes developing training programs, analyzing data, and setting goals for organizations’ sales representatives Human Resource Specialist – human resource…show more content…
Sales manager will be on the move most of their day. The significant amount of travel can take a toll on the person of this position. Many sales managers have a full-time job and are encouraged to pursue their work after office hours whether it be on weekends or some evenings. The most common employers of sales managers are retail trade and wholesale trade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual wage for sales managers is $113,860 which means half the workers in this occupation make more than that amount and the other half make less (Bureau of Labor). The bottom ten percent earned less than $54,490 and the top ten percent earned more than $187,200 (Bureau of Labor). The benefits of sales managers vary depending on the industry they are a part of. It also takes into consideration the product they are distributing. Most sales managers work on a salary or commission basis where the worker will get a part of the sale amount. The geographic expectations of a sales manager can vary by site. The job itself is internationally demanding meaning you can find a job in this career anywhere in the nation. The job is found in either a metropolitan or non-metropolitan area depending on the company. The projected employment growth of sales managers is five percent from 2014 to 2024 (Bureau of Labor). This rate of growth is average compared to all
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