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Interview I interviewed, Kathy Wehrman, for the final research project. (Wehrman K., personal communication, March 18, 2016) She is the Associate Assistant Director of Human Resources at Luxottica and has recently been promoted to this position in January of 2016. Wehrman has been in the workforce for nearly 17 years and has worked at Luxottica for 4 years. A job description of Wehrman’s current position entails the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the Luxottica’s human resources program. Obligations include planning, developing and implementing employee relations, policies, programs and strategies. In the interview, Wehrman discusses the interview process she went through at Luxottica as well as advice on ways to handle each…show more content…
Wehrman states, “it’s important in this step to make a connection with your interviewer so it can potentially convince them to hire you”. The fourth step Wehrman mentions is that she received a phone call from the hiring manager immediately after sending her thank-you-email. During this phone call, Wehrman was offered a job as a human resource specialist. Wehrman explains how negotiation was intertwined into the interview process. She said the subject of salary was brought up by the hiring manager at the of the end of the phone call where she was offered the job. Wehrman wasn’t happy with the offer she received so she told the hiring manager she will have to get back to them. She explains that this was her time to think about her approach on how she wanted to negotiate the starting salary and benefit package she deserved. Wehrman confuses that she was unsure about the company’s budgets and salary guidelines so she had to do research in order to establish a salary and have evidence to support her claim. She reviewed salaries on the glassdoor website where she found a salary base to her job position. Then she closely reviewed the benefit package she was offered and made adjustments to where she saw merit to her qualifications. Wehrman called the hiring manager back the following day. She states, “I wanted to call him
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