Job Description: Front Desk Clerk

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Front Desk Clerk Though the job title may be "front desk clerk", the role is akin to many other important ones going on behind the scenes of hotel hospitality: greeter, concierge, cashier, bookkeeper, marketer, customer service manager, facilities manager, and all around guest relations extraordinaire (Waldrop, 2008). I have found my role to be both rewarding and fulfilling, though not without its challenges. It is often billed as an entry-level position, but in my quest to move up higher in the hospitality sector, there is no other position that offers a more far-reaching and diverse view of the luxury hotel industry (Drape, 2007). I am in a position to better understand the dynamics at play behind the scenes all the work that goes into creating happy customers and the effort that is exerted to keep them staying with us and not our competitors (Weingarten, 2003). There is no shortage of professional development opportunities in my role. Everything from handling difficult customers to managing facilities issues to dealing with unexpected room shortages and power outages are brought to my attention (Drape, 2007). I have become adept at mitigating such problems, finding swift resolutions, exercising patience and even tolerating inconsideration, with a smile. My duties are varied which makes each day unique. First and foremost, my role is the first impression for the guest of the establishment (Edry, 2004). I take great pride in presenting a positive representation of our

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