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DDATE: February 3, 2011 TO: Dr. Edwin Lindsay, PRT 286 Instructor FROM: Doug Boytos SUBJECT: JOB STRATEGY MEMO In response to your request, I am glad to evaluate and discuss the differences and similarities I have identified between my resume and selected job description. I intend to develop a plan for improving my marketability in the sports management job market. To achieve this goal, I will compare my resume with the selected job description, discussing and identifying the gaps between my resume and job description, and discussing detailed strategies to close these gaps. 1. Comparison of Resume to Selected Job/Internship Description While searching for available job opportunities in the sports management field, I located a…show more content…
This gap would go hand-in-hand with the gap regarding the five years of industry experience I need to gain after the completion of college. As a senior manager in the NASCAR Media Group, it will be imperative that I am able to network and meet industry professionals to successfully carryout my job. I would need to overcome the educational gap because it is required that the applicant for this position must have graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree. According to the application, the employer would like to hire someone who has an equal amount of job experience as they do education, so four to five years of job experience. This is one of the larger gaps for me to fill because I am still in school and have not had an industry related job. Similar to this gap, there is a gap present because NASCAR is looking for an applicant that has some standing or presence in the NASCAR industry or a related field and I do not have any experience in either. 3. Detailed Strategies to Close the Gap(s) Between Resume and Selected Job Description To close the gaps between my resume and this job description, there are several actions I can take. For the most part, they are long term goals that I will have to work on as I move through my education and career. With the closure of these gaps, I will become a highly competitive candidate for a marketing job within the sport industry. The first and easiest gap to overcome

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