Job Description Of A Ceo

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For somebody who plans on being a CEO one day, knows a CEO, or is wondering what the wages of a CEO are, would be surprised to find out that the average pay of CEOs is $16,316,000. This number is so high because of the numerous tasks that CEOs perform. The job description of a CEO means meeting the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities, and the law. (Lafley, 2009) After I read an article from the former CEO of Procter and Gamble, I understand why CEOs are stressed and face so many difficulties everyday. Paying CEOs a large salary is understandable to a point, however, paying them an average of $16,316,000 is way to high. Should CEOs be paid large salaries because they are stressed constantly and are always on call? Two men,…show more content…
Should the average worker get paid more, or should CEO wages be decreased? We can find the results to these questions by looking at many large companies and seeing how their CEOs are paid and by the work they do. $16,316,000 was the average pay of CEOs in 2015. (Kaplan, 2008) This number is way too high and CEO’s salaries should be decreased to help further other parts of the company. The success of a company should be the company’s top priority and they should not be putting such a large amount of money into their CEO’s salary. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook stated in an interview that, “Companies need to make sure the CEO is happy, however, giving them several million dollar bonuses while the company is not doing to good, should not make the CEO happy because that means they are not doing their job correctly.” (Kirichenko, 3:41) Increasing the salary of the CEO may make them work less hard because they know if they fail they will only go back to their original pay or receive more money. Léo Apotheker was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and was fired because he failed to meet the duties required as a CEO. When he got fired, he received $23 million for 11 months of work and received $13 million in termination benefits. Kathy Kristof said in an interview that, “we can see that increasing the CEO’s salary, like in the case with Apotheker, will not motivate them to work harder, but rather to
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