Job Description Of A Marketing Manager

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JOB DESCRIPTION 2 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 6 STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS 7 STEP 1: DEVELOP A STRATEGIC VISION, A MISSION STATEMENT AND CORE VALUES 7 STEP 2: SETTING OBJECTIVES 8 STEP 3: CRAFTING A STRATEGY 9 STEP 4: IMPLEMENTING AND EXECUTING THE CHOSEN STRATEGY 9 STEP 5: EVALUATING PERFORMANCE AND INITIATING CORRECTIVE ADJUSTMENTS 9 STRATEGIC PLAN OUTLINE 11 REFERENCES 13 Job Description • • • • A marketing manager is an integral part of any company that wants to increase their efficiency, growth or aims to continue to capture the same market share they may already dominate. In simple terms, their job is to help direct the marketing department of a particular business; sometimes they manage numerous products, or in other cases one singular…show more content…
While Google does not deal primarily with merchandise, since they began their journey as a search engine, there are diverse products that they work towards selling. These products include things like their phones, their movie rental service through YouTube, their Chromebooks or other products. Marketing managers will head a marketing team, and therefore must be able to work well with individuals, but also must be able to organize numerous people with different personalities, attributes and flaws. The team may create advertising and promotional campaigns for products, or events. Also, the marketing teams may negotiate contracts, while also control and utilize the marketing budget. The marketing manager may have to present ideas to clients or high powered corporate individuals. Therefore it is imperative that they are charismatic and composed. Google has a specific list of commercial rules that define their corporate culture. With a company that already has a corporate culture engrained in its everyday life, it is vital that the marketing manager can follow and actively participate in the corporate culture. Furthermore, marketing managers will also introduce newly created products to the market with inventive campaigns. Before doing so, they will assess the marketability of a product, both old and new. While researching merchandise, they will often pinpoint target markets, but also markets where there is a potential habitat for this
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