Job Description: XYZ Berhad Company

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Job Description • Activities involved are clearly identified. XYZ Berhad has highlighted all key descriptions of the job such as developing relationship with prospective customers, expands business with existing customers by promoting new products, and maintaining good rapport with customers by providing all the support they need etc, which are meant to meet the ultimate goal of the job i.e. to achieve the individual and team sales target (KPI) set by the organization. Job applicants would have to ensure that they are comfortable with these duties and responsibilities and able to execute and complete them, before applying for the job. To help employees execute the job, the job description requires that they fully equipped themselves with technical, market, and regulatory knowledge of the products which can be acquired through various training courses, seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the company other than from their own reading of…show more content…
To further enhance the applicants’ interest in applying for jobs in the organization, XYZ also highlight one of its best benefit attractions by stating the ‘Employee Stock Purchase Plan’ at the top of the advertisement. This attraction would not only ensure that the staff give their all to the organization as they now own part of XYZ but also tie them to work in longer term with the company (as employees need to work for a certain period of time to entitle them to buy the stocks from the scheme). vii. As job is advertised in, XYZ is making the application process so much easier by requiring applicants to just click on the ‘Apply Now’ button underneath the advertisement. Particulars of the applicants will be automatically referred to the database provided by them in their resumes uploaded earlier in Jobstreet portal. These easy zero cost procedures will attract more applicants to apply for the job as sometimes job seekers can simply get distracted with lengthy process due to their busy
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