Job Description and Job Specification for a Starbucks Employee

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Starbucks 1. Create a job description and job specification for a Starbucks employee. Do not simply copy and paste the job description from the Starbucks' website or any other source. The Starbucks site can be utilized to view the different job requirements of employees, but the intent of the assignment is to apply job specification concepts from the book to this case. Cite any references. Starbucks Barista The Starbucks Barista is the heart and soul of the entire Starbucks operation. The Starbucks Barista is responsible for administering legendary customer service and creating the overall Starbucks Experience. You will be responsible for modeling and acting in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles and best of all, you'll be part of a company that is consistently rated as a great place to work and the people here love what they do (Life Portal, N.d.). Responsibilities: Act with integrity, honesty and knowledge in accordance with Starbucks mission and vision. Keep your cool under stressful conditions that may occur with high volume periods. Help create a warm and opening environment in which will welcome customers into their "third place". Maintain consistent attendance as well as being on time. Make the quality beverages that Starbucks has become famous for including all of the coffee beverages as well as some food items, teas, and whatever else might be required. Experience and Job Requirements No previous experience required and new recruits will go
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