Job Descriptions

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MID-TERM EXAM 1. How important is job analysis to the development of job descriptions and job specifications? Discuss. Job analysis is important to the development of job descriptions and specifications because it needs to be formed before the job description and specifications. 2. What recommendations are given for improving committee effectiveness? They are having competent members, having committee properly charged, selecting or electing a competent chairperson, and recognizing/rewarding committee accomplishments. 3. Name the steps in the personnel management process. How does each step relate to the other steps? They are staffing, human resource planning, and auditing human resources. Each step is responsible…show more content…
Control programs are essential if employees and departments affected understand the importance of control. 14. Name the steps in the communication process. Where do most of the communication problems occur in the process. Why? The communication process consists of idea origination, the message, channel selecting and encoding, transmission, receiving, decoding, and feedback. Most of the communication problems occur during transmission because it is very possible for messages to get lost. 15. Of the communication principles that are mentioned in this chapter, which do you think is of the greatest importance to a practicing manager? Justify why. 16. What are the 3 types of organizational change and when does change need to occur? They are technological, environmental, and internal. Change needs to occur when problems arise. 17. Name the most common reasons employees resist change. The most common reasons employees resist change are job security and income, uncertainty, personal inconvenience, loss of status and power, and change in personal relationships. 18. Define conflict and name 4 major types of conflict. Conflict is a clash of opposing ideas and interests which lead to disagreement. The four types of conflict are interpersonal, intergroup, interdepartmental, and organizational. 19. What are the essential steps in the control
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