Job Descriptions Essay

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Running Head: Staffing Organizations – Job Descriptions Maintaining Job Descriptions Sharon Chambers Strayer University Dr. Annette West July 24 , 2011 Current Issue The InAndOut, Inc., company provides warehousing and fulfillment services to small publishers of books with small print runs. After the books are printed and bound at a printing facility, they are shipped to InAndOut for handling. The owner and president of InAndOut, Inc., Alta Fossom is independently wealthy and delegates all day-to-day management matters to the general manager, Marvin Olson. Alta requires that Marvin clear any new ideas or initiatives with her prior to taking action. The company is growing and Marvin expects to hire new employees…show more content…
Companies, departments and teams change and also business priorities as well as technologies. This could result in the job functions of employees changing to accommodate the changes in their organizations. Employees might assume new responsibilities or leave out tasks that were not working very well. Such changes should not be ignored and strict adherence to the old job descriptions would be counterproductive to organizational well being. In the event that the job functions of the employees change, it is imperative that their job description change as well. In essence, after writing initial job descriptions, there are a number of good reasons to update them in accordance with the changes taking place in the job functions of the employees (Mader-Clark, 2008). The bottom line is that just as it is important to write new job descriptions when an employer is planning to hire new employees, it is equally important to continually update job descriptions to keep them relevant with the real job functions of employees in the organization ( Mader-Clark, 2008) and (Gan and Kleiner, 2005). Another compelling reason for updating job description is the hiring process would suffer if one were to hire new employees based on obsolete job descriptions. One of the important factors determining effective
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