Job Design And Job Enrichment

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Job design and job enrichment are two important factors for managers to understand and implement in their operations. Circumstances change within a job, company, and culture quite frequently. This changes the procedures followed by employees. Added tasks and different polices can increase job stress and effect performance. To stay ahead of these issues it is recommended to perform a frequent analysis of goal setting, job structure, and organizational context. In the case study we reviewed we found that different principles of goal setting can be applied. Re-engineering and restructuring are two aspects that are completed by administration. Administration can set new goals by expanding into different businesses, applying new systems, changing department’s missions, and revising policies. Restructuring is achieved by changing the organizational structure. Often times this is done to review processes in order to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. Department manager’s goals are typically within the realm of work and job redesign. These redesigns focus on a re-arrangement of departments efforts. Changing work processes, procedures, and task structure. Focusing and monitoring these goals enable companies to avoid certain matters. Job structure are the types of tasks, characteristics, and demands of a certain job. Often time’s job structure is impacted heavily by our external environment in business. New regulations, products, services, and
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