Job Design

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Job Design integrates work content (tasks, functions, relationships), the rewards

(Extrinsic and intrinsic) and the qualifications required (skills, knowledge, abilities) for each job in a way that meets the needs of employees and the organizations.

It involves an interaction between what the organizations need to be done in terms of activities and what a person would do. It creates a framework of the job along with the strategy of the organization.

Job Design involves three steps:

The specification of individual tasks.
The specification of the method(s) of performing each task
The combination of tasks into specific jobs to be assigned to the individuals.
Here, steps 1 and 3
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A properly designed job will make it productive and satisfying.

Organizational Factors:
Organizational factors include characteristics of task, workflow, ergonomics and work practices.

Job design requires the assembly of a number of tasks into a job or group of jobs. An individual may carry out one main task that consists of several interrelated functions. Complexity of a job may be a reflection of the number and variety of tasks to be carried out or the range and scope of the decisions to be made or the difficulty in predicting the outcome of the decisions.

The internal structure of a task consists of three elements:

A completely integrated job will contain all of the above three elements for each task involved. Responsibility is measured by the amount of authority someone has to put to do all these things.

Work Flow:
The flow of work in an organization is strongly influenced by the nature of the product or the service. The product or the service usually suggests the sequence and balance between jobs if the work is to be done efficiently.

Ergonomics is concerned with designing and shaping jobs to fit the physical abilities and characteristics of the individuals so that they can perform their jobs effectively. Ergonomics helps employers to design jobs in such a way that the workers physical
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